Tears rolled down her cheeks as she read the last unspoken words of her daughter.Despair,fury,remorse filled her up and all of these burning emotions pointed to one single question-What went wrong?

She couldn’t do anything about all this except roll herself up with all this sadness and the memories.She closed her eyes and remembered her beautiful daughter-the seventeen years of content,failure,sadness,achievements,laughter,joy.All these flashed in front of her and the climax too did-the scene,the vision of her hanging upon the favourite pink colour bed she had fought for.

“Mom and Dad,I’ve always loved you both,sometimes more,sometimes less,but most of the time,A lot.You both have fulfilled my every demand,no matter how far fetched it seemed.You both have provided me with whatever I’ve always wanted,sometimes even the things normal people like us can’t provide.But you have always proved and stood up as the best parents in the universe.I know what I’m doing right now isn’t right at all,let’s keep this straight-Wrong.But the bitter truth is that I’ve to failed to live up to your expectations and to everyone else’s.I wanted to do something and I couldn’t prove myself to anyone.I’m really sorry for this,for everything that have caused pain to you.I love you and I always have and I always will.I hope I’m still your favourite and intelligent kid and that you’ll always love me too.I’ve failed and I’m quitting now.Goodbye….”






It-another recurrent comrade of the discussions of every human being or who knows even aliens?
The tomato sauce across the table or fridge resting in the corner of kitchen,all can be “it”.Everything can be it except us of course-The ones who have formulated it.He jumps in when we hate something,He helps us when we love something,in all he plays a very altruistic and obliging role in our lives-to express content,sorrow and every other existing sentiment on this globe.He is even better than any other human being or any game or any thing we crave for.He always comes and helps us when we’re in need of him irrespective of how many others want him or even if he’s engaged somewhere.Thus one must learn from him the art of multitasking since it handles billions simultaneously.
All of this makes us realize the significance of words.”It” is another frequently emerging fellow of the huge family of words.We talk,laugh,cry,write,communicate and perform countless other tasks and all this while,we tend to forget the significance of the locutions,the speech.
Even though words have mood swings like another swing of a fan during summers or maybe even faster than that,They still are beautiful-Alluring in the way they connect two souls or many souls in a way no one else can do.


The Road.

Calm,Peaceful and Serene,The road is heading in the most uniform direction-Straight and Progressive.With a lens from my point,No disruption,annoyance can be seen.Laterally,It is amidst lush,old and green trees.

The trees shelter the way,the road as if they were a Family-Preservative and Defensive.Different Ray’s of light meet the road at distinct places and From those places only,the road glares in search of a luminous and dazzling everyday.
Like every road,I was sure this road will also take us somewhere,a new place where we’ll encounter new people and new everything.But before converging with the new everything ,I sit on that very road under one of the many lush green trees and recount the beauty of this whereabout.The road is shining and sparkling in its very own way as if no one has ever walked down this road and I’m the first person to come up here.This road like many roads leads us somewhere and well,who cares?

I’m sitting here and admiring the beauty of the one of the most pleasant places on this earth I’ve ever come across.A sense of content,happiness fills me up as I’ve discovered one of the many beautiful places covering the Earth.